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Watchcast April 2020

It's been a strange few months for movies and TV. Lots of cancellations and postponement but also lots more time to watch them. We didn't want to be completely bad news so we left ...

Watchcast January 2020

After a break from movie podcasting we return for our January watchcast. We deal with Megxit, we explore the Oscar nominations, the diversity problem, the Witcher and Rise of Skywa...

Game of the Year 2019

We discuss and decide our overall video game of the year in 2019

In this episode we deal with: Our Video Games of the Decade Most Stylish Our Most Anticipated game of 2020 Best New Character

In this podcast we discuss the biggest disappointment and best early access/ DLC in Video Games in 2019

The first our award deliberations: Best Looking Video Game and Best Moment in 2019

November Watchcast 2019

With the haunting tunes of Christmas Carols ringing in our ears, we begin our November discussion of movies and TV. This month we talk about Disney plus, The Mandalorian specifical...

October Watchcast 2019

After saving Spiderman and Marvel, we take a crack at brokering peace between filmmakers and the less artistic Marvel cinematic universe. We talk Rise of the Skywalker, El Camino, ...

Watchcast September 2019

As promised we went monthly. We talk about the heartbreaking breakup of Spidey and Marvel, we discuss the potential of new streaming services, as well as the new Breaking Bad Film....

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