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We all know Keanu Reeves won E3 but what else happened. Brendan and Steve meet together to discuss the press conferences, the announcements and the very last video game we played. ...

The elusive month of February somehow tricked us into missing a watchcast, our podcast about movies and TV. We talk Harry Potter Movies, Oscars, You're The Worst, True Detective Se...

Watchcast January 2019

It's another year and we have our first watchcast of 2019. It's filled with conversations about Aquaman, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Birdbox, The Golden Globes and more. We discuss...

Game of the Year 2018

This is the big one our Game of the Year discussions for 2018. Find out what we nominated and who won.

This is the final set of award category deliberations. This time it's most improved and new character.

This podcast contains our deliberations on most disappointing and best style in a video game 2018

In this podcast we talk through our deliberations for the Biggest Surprise and the Best DLC/ Early Access

The following is our deliberations about which video game had the best graphics in 2018 and which game had the best moment.

Watchcast November 2018

It's late again, I know. We even missed out on the cancellation of Daredevil - but still we deliver the Watchast for the month of November. This month we talk about the passing of ...

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